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Monday, May 14 2012
 Today Megan Kelly of Fox News called five Oral Roberts University students killed in a tragic plane crash fundamentalists. I have no idea what Ms. kelly's religious views are, she may of not written the actual words she read from the teleprompter. Regardless, read them she did and it revealed the lack of theological sophistication of the secular press. I graduated from ORU in 1969, and it wasn't even fundamentalist then. Fundamentalist is not used by the press as a description of the five basic fundamentals of conservative theology that separated them from liberal theology. It was used in ignorance to smear the University and describe the young people as not so bright knuckle dragging enthusiasts traveling to a bible camp. The word is used to categorize, it unfairly makes the public think that these were not well-educated thoughtful students. It is not only inaccurate, it attaches all the stereotypical images of right wing prejudice, and naivete toward a progressive world view that anyone really educated would have. It is too bad that Megan did not catch herself, but possibly she didn't understand what she had done. What would be the right label to use of these young people?  How about "five graduates of Oral Roberts University were tragically killed in a plane crash in southern Kansas yesterday." And then after some description of the details, " Oral Roberts University is a private Christian University located in Tulsa, Oklahoma." 
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A further irony is that Jerry Falwell, Jr., Chancellor and President of Liberty University, described his university as "evangelical" at their commencement, while Fox News refers to ORU as fundamentalist. Fundamentalist clearly has negative overtones these days. ORU has never been fundamentalist, but it does hold to the fundamentals of the faith. There is a difference. I'm in Pensacola as I type these words: this city has a fundamentalist school which considers Liberty liberal. I hope Fox corrects this misrepresentation of ORU.
Posted by Larry Hart on 05/15/2012 - 05:54 AM
You are correct,but then contemporary journalism must trade in sensationalism and polarization. Otherwise, who's going to care what they say?
Posted by Steve Cooper on 05/23/2012 - 04:08 AM

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